About us

We will partner with you to improve your business

Worx Inc. is focused on developing solutions that organize complicated data in a format that is: simple to use, seamlessly links all business processes and allows for more accurate and timely business decisions.

Worx solutions are the result of combining our deep industry knowledge with the expertise of our global industry partners. This strategic collaboration ensures that Worx is always focused on delivering true customer value.

Our solutions are deployed across 88 customer sites benefiting 3500+ users. In addition, we established relations with key partners in IT to help us deliver more value to our customers.

Business Partners

We are your trusted business advisors helping you to achieve further business success through improved processes and simplified data solutions.

Flexible Solutions

Our solutions are adapted to your business processes through an easy-to-use interface. Your organization has ultimate control of the configuration.

Customers’ Unique Needs

We are commited to working with our team members and our Worx customers with the highest level of respect, caring and consideration.

Why Choose Us?

Altogether Now

We adapt to your business while improving your processes. All the pieces are together – available for you from the start with the goal of unifying all your data & processes.

Simple & Global Approach

We make life simple for users with a focus on simplifying user interface providing all data within three clicks. Also, Worx provides global secure access to data, processes, and documents.

Business Consulting

Worx differs from the standard consulting styles in every aspect from intent, operating style, methodology and thought. We challenge the conventional thinking by transforming strategy directly into action and delivering delivering measurable results for our clients that save them time and money.

Real Product Data

All of the different elements of your business process are brought together through a fully integrated solution that ties together all of your product data.

Real Value

  • Global footprint that allows for supporting global enterprises with excellence
  • Quick and simple solutions implementation
  • Easy-to-use interface with powerful administration tools
  • Distributed and secure enterprise file storing and sharing