Training Solutions

Services. Designed to suit you.

In our current, competitive business environment, education cannot be ignored. At Worx, we understand the impact of organizations’ learning methods.

In order to achieve your strategic goals, you have to make sure your workforce has the appropriate knowledge and skills. To emphasize those skills, we offer a wide set of live and online training courses. Each course is adjusted to your workforce’s current skills and it empowers them to continually expand their knowledge.

Whether you need a jump-start or you are an existing user wanting to expand your skills and become a super-user – we have the right training courses for you. Worx training courses give you an intensive instruction on all aspects of Worx, delivered how you want it and when you need it. Contact your Worx account executive today to setup the training that is right for you.

Empower your business with Worx Training:

• Drive performance, proficiency and productivity
• Spend less time troubleshooting and more time doing business
• Accelerate the time in which your teams will start using Worx solutions
• Reduce support costs

We offer several training solutions, fit for every role, schedule and budget.


Pick the option that works for your team:

Worx Training

These courses combine lectures and exercises to prepare your employees to use Worx solutions. Courses are divided by categories, delivering role-specific content to a user. All courses are prepared and taught by trained experts.

Industry Educational Programs

To successfully implement a new approach one has to know its theoretical background. That is the reason why we offer valuable educational sessions and training courses based on industry’s best practices. These programs can help companies and individuals gain important fundamental knowledge necessary to achieve success.

Worx Custom Training & Workshops

Worx offers custom training and workshops. Pick the topic and/or the location, and we will work with you to design the program that meets your organization’s specific requirements and needs.

Worx Self-Study Tools & Resources

For users who prefer a self-study approach, or for anyone seeking more information or a course refresher, we have made a number of guides, online tutorials and documents available. These materials have been developed by Worx.