Define processes, associate tasks and communicate task completions or requirements.

Standardize Processes

Business Process Management provides you with tools needed to create and define processes and their workflows.

You are able to associate tasks, define all necessary checks for attributes and files, define rejection criteria, task assigners and so on – all without which yours whole business process would not be complete.



Have a Better Overview of What’s Happening

All your data can be summarized with different reports, charts and dashboards, which are provided in this solution. Configure your own reports and dashboards, define look & feel of report, columns you want to see and share that report with only specific group of people to keep your sensitive data secure.

Since all data is connected together you can always see real-time product data and integrate it onto your reports.

Drag and drop Workflows

An easy to use interface is implemented with a “no programming” approach which includes drag-and-drop workflow design – creating and connecting workflow primitives through several clicks.

By creating fully adjusted workflows you can eliminate unnecessary activities, like a large number of status meetings or long communication processes.



Keep Everyone Informed

To improve interconnection of your users, task completions and requirements are communicated with all team members through email notifications. Configure whether or not you want your task assigners to receive email notifications and improve their productivity.

Have a sensitive files you want to track? Watch them and receive email notifications for every action on them and react in a moment if anything goes wrong.

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