Business Productivity Management

BPMWorx allows you to manage entire lifecycle of a product efficiently and cost-effectively, from ideation, design and manufacture, through service and disposal.

BPMWorx empwers your business to make unified, information-driven decisions at every stage in the product lifecycle.



Consistent Product Data Everywhere

Timely access to accurate, detailed and consistent product information across the enterprise has never been easier.

Product Data Quality is the key to efficient business processes. BPMWorx ensures that your enterprise has immediate access to the information it needs.

Enterprise-ready BPM functionality out of the box

BPMWorx provides packaged functionality out-of-the-box for corporate-wide BPM business processes. Choose the modules you want and we’ll do the rest.

Achive true cross-functional collaboration and introduce easy to use functionality.



Model-based SOA Architecture

Developed using model-based SOA architecture that allows you to make real-time changes to business rules, forms, workflows, lifecycles and data model without complex programming

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