Workflows with Email Notifications

Business Workflows are integrated into our system, so you can make sure your information will be properly managed according to your internal business processes.

Workflows are fully configurable, you can create them for Release Work Order, Project, Package Work Order and other objects. They allow you to configure types of tasks and decisions, email notifications for task, system checks and so on.

Automated Earned Value Analysis

Measure the performance of your projects by keeping track of your spent budget with regards to the amount of work that was completed up to a specific point, as well as tracking baseline cost for tasks and resources.

Make critical project decisions utilizing the “early warning” signs based on data, variances & trends. Gives accurate definition of the defined deliverables, time-frame and total cost to deliver the product.



BOM synchronization

Avoid messy structure synchronizations by keeping multiple BOM’s synchronized to ensure that all relevant pieces of information are connected.

Align your engineering and manufacturing structures. You can quickly automate and document your production structures for synchronizing and managing engineering bills of materials and manufacturing bills of materials.

Issue and Request Tracking

All your requests and issues are automated into a centralized database.

Anyone with proper permissions can create a documented change request—which can include files, supporting reasoning and discussion history—and send it to the engineer that owns the product for more timely approvals. Capture field failures and product feedback from operations, customer care and your supply chain to make better purchasing and design decisions.



The Lifecycle of Change

Provides impact analysis, BoM synchronization, coordination and communication between relevant organization members.

It enables enterprise organizations to reduce costs and free up valuable engineering resources while ensuring product quality.

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