Revision and Version Control

Make sure you are working with the correct design version by using custom file naming schemes, maintaining document history and keeping an eye on document and folder versions to avoid costly mistakes.

Our check-out/check-in option enables you to track who, when and what checked-out and lock file for editing by other users. When you are happy with your document publish it easily to lock it for further editing.



Link, Watch & Favorite

Connect two documents together by linking them. Simply drag&drop one document to another and they will be linked.

Favorite files and folders and they will appear in your favorites list. Also, you can watch any document and you’ll receive email notification every time some action is done on that document.

Business Workflows

Process Workflows are integrated into a document management system, so you can make sure your documentation is properly managed according to your internal business processes.

Workflows are fully configurable – you can assign different workflows per your divisions, select task assignee and change object statuses automatically how it suits your business processes.



MS Office Integration

We provide you with intuitive and easy to use way to manage Microsoft documents in Worx within Office applications.

You can create new documents and save them to Worx, check-out, check-in and publish existing documents and insert data about Worx objects while editing document.

While user is working in his familiar environment, we are taking care of security and permissions issues.

Requirement Management

Reference part of a document to an object.

Simply select part of text and image in Microsoft document, create new requirement and link it to Worx object. That part of document will become new requirement object and you can give access rights per requirement, keeping rest of the document secure.

Changes of every requirement are recorded and tracked in history so you can version per requirement.


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Other Features

  • Document Search

    Locate documents by performing powerful attribute search

  • Product Integration

    Files are linked to Worx objects

  • File check-in and check-out

    Ensure updating of shared documents

  • Federated Integration

    Connects securely to existing enterprise systems using web services

  • Complete Compliance

    Full audit trail automatically recorded

  • Classification

    Automated file naming and numbering based on classification categories