BOM Management

Our BOM management ensures that everyone has the right version of the product BOM by keeping BOMs centralized, controlled and up-to-date which leads to fewer errors, less scrap and rework and improves quality and cost control.

You also have the ability to identify substitute items and therefore avoid any possible production delays. With our “where used panels”, accessible from every item, you can navigate your BOMs with ease.



Part Traceability

Reduce costs with part traceability.

Our Where Used dialog enables you to track and manage historical, inspection, maintenance and other critical information. See complete genealogy of an Item and its connection to other Worx objects such as Project, Customer, Program, Documents and so on and improve standards and regulatory compliance.

Compliance Tracking

Track product safety standards and certification,  meet regulatory requirements and manage compliance information for your product and processes.

We provide a complete regulatory compliance platform to document, enforce and track product regulatory compliance throughout the entire product life-cycle.

Compliance requirements are built into your product development process to avoid after-the-fact redesigns.



Product Analytics

Worx provides you with product configuration that includes integrated data analysis and drill-down capabilities for root cause analysis for every phase in the product life-cycle.

You can easily create your own dashboards and reports either in table in graphical format with our integrated report and dashboards builder. Customize your analytics to get real-time insight into key processes, resource utilization and product status.

Product Engineering

Enables cost reduction, improved change coordination and more efficient product development by combining BOM structures, product costs, document and workflow management.

Product cost tracking roll-ups provide visibility across engineering Bill of Materials, configuration structures and engineering change workflows.


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