Know what’s happening

Plan, execute & control production more effectively. Regardless of your industry, our solution will provide you with enterprise-scalable foundation allowing you to leverage product designs while simultaneously optimizing and synchronizing manufacturing deliverables.

In the meantime, we ensure information accuracy and quality for manufacturing processes.



MRP Integration

Avoid errors caused by manual data entry and integrate PLMWorx with your accounting solutions to ensure consistency across your organization.

Our Requisitions module handles orders and returns and is directly connected with eBOM changes. Thus, requisition wizard allows you to track any eBOM changes between orders and handles any redistribution or returns to make sure users cannot over order or over-return thus ensuring to be in scope of project budget.

Customized Manufacturing Objects

Easily manage and classify your resources in complete supply chain.

You can add any manufacturing object such as material, tooling and work-cell to manufacturing BOM and customize that object. Add picture, text or any custom attribute to help you create realistic project plan and products.



Track and Compare Your Costs

Budget and plan, then track, measure and manage goals throughout product lifecycle. You can set goals on all parts at every level an track expenses for materials, tooling, labor, services and more.

Multiple BOM views and product cost history can help you conduct cross-product cost, improve cost-related decision making and maximize profitability.

Supplier Collaboration

Automate and improve management, coordination and communication with suppliers and manage relationships without a hassle. You can maintain control with by setting access levels so each user sees exactly what you want them to see.

Worx export functionality helps you send snapshots of your BOM and other key information and save them in desired format to create supplier-ready views of your product data.


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More Features

  • Tooling Management

    Tool BOM and tool supplier management

  • Supplier Corrective Action

    corrective and preventive action system

  • Quality Planning

    Dashboards, scorecards, KPI metrics & reports

  • Configurable Access

    Grant contract manufacturers access to your supply relationships

  • mBOM creation

    corrective and preventive action system

  • Non-conforming Material Reporting

    Dashboards, scorecards, KPI metrics & reports