CAD File Management

Worx CAD File Management solution enable users through development process to keep using their mechanical CAD software tools and Electrical CAD how they know and like.

Map assemblies and parts directly to PLMWorx Items and edit CAD attributes directly from CAD software tool – enable designers to spend more time designing and less time looking for files with working directly from CAD environment.



Version control

Find data easily so you can re-use instead of re-create. Retain and access each step of document development with saved file editions.

With check-out and check-in functionality track who, when and what checked-out, lock checked-out file for further editing to aviod concurrent edit problems and download and checkout any version of the file you want.

Revision Control

Lock down product information once it reaches a good state with release work order to clearly identify in-development, effective and superseded version of each Item. For every Item in release work order you can select major or minor release type and enter revision note.

Release work order can be customized with workflows according to your internal business processes and automatically verify your Item Attributes and files.



Multi CAD Environment

Our solution offers you centralized control of your data as well as secure access to up-to date design data. We like to enable our customers effective collaboration between different parts of their business as well as secure data exchange, which enables lower costs and increased quality.

With our Package Work Order you can send packed CAD files to any user, convert CAD files to PDF, AutoCAD, SolidWorks and so on and route that work order on your customized business workflow.

Full Change History and Audit Trails

Provides you with a complete “who-did-what-when” of every action to aid compliance with recognized Quality Standards. View complete product history with links to each related objects.

Worx captures the date, status, user, notes, actions, changes and so on objects and can notify participants on any actions on documents.


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Other Features

  • Centralized BOM

    Controlled and up-to-date BOM

  • File Visualization

    3D PDF visualization

  • CMII certified best practices

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  • CAD Metadata

    Values are pulled from CAD Attributes

  • Electromechanical Parts

    Eliminates  part order duplication

  • Unified Requirements Management