Automated Project Planning

Reduce costly project mistakes and improve time-to-market with automatic tracking of work spent per task, issue and milestone. Work progress is calculated automatically as percentage from estimated cost and actual cost.

Also, you have an ability to setup email notification for late activities where actual start date is different from estimated.



Projects linked to Real-Time Product Data

We make sure that you see real time product information in the context of your schedule.

Real product BOM with requirements is already in Worx, so you can easily build plan on the actual product. Every product is released via release process so a project manager can always tell exact progress of every product. And finally, our solution can be integrated to your MRP giving you insight to real status on orders.

Atlassian JIRA & MS Project Integration

There is no additional effort needed from your side to integrate your current plans with Worx projects.

From Worx you have access to a variety of JIRA and MS Project functionalists like importing issues and resources, syncing, updating resource assignments, due dates and task descriptions.

You can easily synchronize changes in both directions at any time.



Cost Planning & Budgeting

Get complete overview of everything that’s happening with regards to the budget.

Define and track budget on projects and identify primary costs with regards to internal and external costs. Customize your billing and leveling between projects.

All costs are calculated automatically based on resources which helps you in prioritizing and cost estimating for current and future projects.

Advanced Analytic, Dashboards and Reports

We offer you a lot of predefined reports like milestone trend analysis, cost analysis, EVA, project status analysis, and so on but also a possibility to fully customize your reports and dashboards. You can create new or edit any existing dashboard and report and show real-time data in graphic or table form.

For every dashboard or report you create, you can select group of people with whom you want to share it to be sure your data is visible only to the people who have the rights to see it.


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